Lindsay Gerard

Oakley Diner


Oakley Diner, a cultural culinary establishment in Oakley, Utah,  was preparing to re-open it’s doors mid-summer 2022 and need a captivating digital presence.

The client provided a rough outline of copy points to incorporate on their website, as well as creative direction for each page; visual elements such as an interactive timeline and before-and-after comparison were specific requests to highlight the diner’s interior and exterior improvements.

The fonts chosen by Oakley Diner inspired me to design their website with a contemporary vibe that nodded to the traditional 50’s diner vibe, but also with a modern twist.

Their vintage color palette of rusty red and light mint helped bring out the diner’s vintage style. I chose to make the mustard-yellow value serve as the accent color for buttons.

To add to the site’s usability, I make the header sticky and had it shrink as the user scrolls, so as not to overshadow the content on the page, and to ensure the user has constant access to the navigation items.